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Los Angeles inmates




CHJ serves people impacted by incarceration, providing health education and support that act as a bridge to a productive life. 



CHJ values diversity, quality, collaboration, transparency, creativity, responsiveness, accountability, and sustainability.



CHJ serves people impacted by incarceration, providing health education and assisting its clients with reintegrating back into the community after release from correctional custody. This includes coordinating access to quality medical care, essential support services, skill building activities, and extracurricular activities. The organization’s Strategic Goals for 2016-2019 reinforce its commitment to continue coordinating access to services through direct assistance and strong collaborations. CHJ’s Board, Staff, Community Advisors, and key collaborators developed the following three Strategic Goals for 2016-2019:


1) Create new/stronger collaborations with organizations that have expertise and resources that complement CHJ’s, and leverage those partnerships not to duplicate services, and to better meet the needs of CHJ’s clients;

2) Expand CHJ’s programs to address a broader range of health challenges; and

3) Improve organizational sustainability institutionally, programmatically, and financially.


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