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From CorrectHELP to Center for Health Justice

Founded in 1999 by advocates with over 20 years of experience in the field, the Corrections HIV Education & Law Project (CorrectHELP) (a project of the Tides Center) was initiated as a response to individuals living with HIV needing more specific focus from prisoner advocacy coalitions, public health organizations, and AIDS service groupsCorrectHELP fostered the goal of working collaboratively in the community and helping to improve conditions for incarcerated people living with HIV. Over time, CorrectHELP's work grew to confront correctional health more holistically by looking at incarceration from a preventive standpoint. During this period CorrectHELP grew to become an independent non-profit organization, Center for Health Justice. CHJ represents an awareness that correctional health is public health, and has evolved into a trusted service provider in correctional facilities, an advocate for people experiencing incarceration, and a data-driven, open source think tank for new strategies to achieve decarceration, social justice, and health equity.